These are projects I worked on throughout the years. They are being updated with my more recent work.

Design Inquiry Through Data

My PhD research was focused on creative data work and a design method perspective on data science. The thesis can be downloaded here.

PhD Research at TU Delft, 2016-2020

Shoppinglab App

I was the solo designer and web developer for an experimental application to support futures design education at the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam. Working together with a futurist, I built an app for collecting weak signals for watching trends. The app was used throughout a semester long project for data collection and data analysis on the future of retail.

Web application, 2015

WeNet Chat Application

I was the lead designer of the AskForHelp/we@ chat application that was deployed all over the globe at pilot sites for AI research into diversity. In this capacity, my role was focused on making a coherent design for a chat application, combining the research and technical agendas of partners, the needs of the pilots, while building on social sciences and ethics research.