These are projects I worked on throughout the years. They are being updated with my more recent work.

Solarpunk Radio

This is work-in-progress investigation that explores how to utilize generative AI for envisioning desired futures, contrasting to the AI apocalypse naysayer perspective. In this project, a vintage radio will be repurposed to generate desired futures at the stations it is tuned to. We are inspired by the solarpunk genre, that depicts positive futures where mankind and nature lives in harmony.

Research prototype, 2023-ongoing

WeNet Chat Application

I was the lead designer of the AskForHelp/we@ chat application that was deployed all over the globe at pilot sites for AI research into diversity. In this capacity, my role was focused on making a coherent design for a chat application, combining the research and technical agendas of partners, the needs of the pilots, while building on social sciences and ethics research.

Chat application design, 2021-2022

Design Inquiry Through Data

My PhD research was focused on creative data work and a design method perspective on data science. The thesis can be downloaded here.

PhD Research at TU Delft, 2016-2020

Shoppinglab App

I was the solo designer and web developer for an experimental application to support futures design education at the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam. Working together with a futurist, I built an app for collecting weak signals for watching trends. The app was used throughout a semester long project for data collection and data analysis on the future of retail.

Web application, 2015

SessionLab workshop planner (initial version)

During my student years I worked as a workshop facilitator in volunteering and professional settings. As a designer it was striking that there are no tailored tools for the needs of workshop facilitators: most of the facilitators were used to use Excel or Word to plan their activities, and wouldn’t even admit how painful these software are for planning trainings.

Minimum Viable Product UX design, 2012-2014

Kulturhus Orchestra

Kulturhus Orchestra is an interactive experience around the “fika”, the Swedish communal coffee drinking experience. It was developed for a brief to enable co-creation and cultural activities in a public space, a new culture house in Gothenburg.

MSc project, 2012

Turntable Drum Machine

Culturally turntables, drum beats, and remixing are very related, yet rarely combined with each other. In this project I literally remixed a turntable with a drum machine, creating such an instrument, which combines the benefits of both of its inspirations.