Subjective Open Data

Subjective Open Data

###Brief The Subjective Open Data project is a design fiction, reflecting on the growing trends of Big Data, Quantified Self and the Internet of Things. This project is an outcome of my participation at the Urban Interaction Design Summer School.

The concept of ‘subjectivity’ is still hard to grasp in today’s digital world, computers and networks are storing an unbelievable amount of data about user behavior over the internet, yet phenomenon like “feelings”, “perception of space”, or “trust” are yet to be captured. The Subjective Open Data project explores the “what if?” we would have access to such subjective data.

Example pages from the Subjective Open Data book.

###Outcome For the project we created a fictive book about Subjective Open Data, with our own cover and fictive content. The O’Reilly book series captures really well the zeitgeist of the computer age, and served as a critical design tool to indicate the “reality” of this design fiction.

We also considered how would be the future when such subjective open data is available for our systems, and told two of such scenarios in two short videos with spoken word, poetical stories.

Stills from the "Emotional Compass" and "No Saddies" videos.