Design trainings and workshops

Design trainings and workshops


An important passion in my life is passing on knowledge, and this passion has plenty of opportunities to flourish in an organization, where there is a constant flow of new people joining, who are eager to learn and practice their skills. Considering such fluctuation, the design process in BEST is widely participative, as the experience of available designers and developers are in flux, thus the different organizational divisions are trained directly to handle the design process of their needed features.

Basics of interaction design – training, Interface Design – workshop from Peter Kun

When I joined the IT Committee, much of the designers’ focus was usability and system analysis, with outdated design knowledge, matching IT practices from waterfall development. I heavily revised the training materials and had the occasion to iterate them throughout a handful of workshops, bringing in new knowledge from my formal Interaction Design master’s studies, and expanding the focus to modern user interface design, information architecture and a more iterative interaction design process. Furthermore, as a senior interaction designer, I mentored IT interested people in learning interaction design, and trained IT developers on the basics of interaction, information and user interface design.

Visualizing a user's flow of action, with a hint of superhero fiction. Part of a workshop exercise for user flows.
Interface prototyping on paper from a workshop.